Epic Games has announced that Fortnite will be getting a new event called High Stakes, which introduces a bunch of extra goodies for the battle royale title including the Getaway Limited-Time Mode.

The former Gears of War developer revealed the event during a livestream at PAX West over the weekend. Getaway sees players competing in squads of four, where you and your teammates must hunt down one of four safes dotted around the map.

Each one contains a Llama jewel, which you'll need to grab before returning to a van and make your getaway, hence the name. The first four teams to accomplish this will win.

In addition, High Stakes also throws in some new clobber in the shape of the Wild Card outfit, which can be purchased from the item store. The new outfit also adds four unlockable head styles featuring different mask designs.

Finally, there's a new item up for grabs: the Grappler. As you've probably guessed, this allows you to navigate around the map Batman-style with ease, although there's not much else known about it at this point.

Fornite's High Stakes event will kick off soon, so stay tuned for more details.

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