Epic Games will host a Movie Nite at the Big Screen in Party Royale in Fortnite, and it will be either Batman Begins, Inception, or The Prestige (via Twinfinite).

The movie depends on the player’s location, as the distribution rights for these movies vary geographically. Here’s the detail for which movie is playing in which territory this Friday night: 

  • Batman Begins - Bangladesh, Brazil, Bhutan, Chile, France, Sri Lanka
  • Inception -  United States, Colombia, Haiti, Italy, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Uruguay, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen
  • The Prestige - Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, United Kingdom

“Navigating distribution rights for different countries and languages for full movies is challenging. As part of this first test, we wanted as many people to experience Movie Nite as possible,” said Epic Games in the announcement, and expressed regret that not all locations around the world have been included in the event. “We believe the idea of getting together with your friends and family at Party Royale to watch a movie is powerful and exciting, and we’re looking at ways to increase global participation in the future,” it continued.

Moreover, there will be subtitles for every screening, and any players who choose to stream or record the movies on Movie Nite will be subject to anti-piracy and DMCA regulations.

Fortnite is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, iOS, and Android. 

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