Epic Games has announced the release of Fortnite update 2.3.0, adding a wealth of new additions and fixes for both the Battle Royale and Save the World editions of the PS4, PC, and Xbox One shooter. 

The main highlight here is the Chug Jug, which allows you to gain full health and shields if you're in a bit of a pickle. It takes 15 seconds to chug (ho ho ho!) so you'll have to reach a safe place before downing it. In addition, the 2017 Winter Event has also wrapped up for Save the World founders, with the Mutant Storm Event now available. 

As always there's a shed full of bug fixes to digest, including improving the accuracy of grenades and no longer rewarding players with stat and challenge progress if they quit a match early for Battle Royale.

On the Save the World front meanwhile, Epic has ironed out an issue where frag grenades and cluster bombs will fall through water (thus preventing Soldier's from lobbing a second grenade) and removing a display issue with the UI when purchasing Llamas during the tutorial. 

Check out the full list of Fortnite 2.3.0 patch notes here.

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