A ‘Fortnite X Batman Reveal’ livestream on the Fortnite YouTube channel has been set for September 21, coinciding with Batman Day and implying the game’s next comic book crossover (via Gamespot).

Currently, the Batman: Arkham Collection and the LEGO Batman Trilogy is free to claim on the Epic Games store. That is six games that are worth almost £100 altogether, which is virtually daylight robbery, but I don’t know Batman’s policy on that because I thought the whole point was that he came out in the dark (like a bat). Anyway, along with this, leaked Fortnite updates showed that Batman-themed items like a grapnel gun and explosive batarang are coming to the battle royale soon. 

Fortnite is a dab hand at crossover events now, with previous themes including Borderlands, Stranger Things, Marvel’s Avengers, and John Wick. The Avengers event allowed players to become Thanos and wield the Infinity Blade, although that was considered too powerful and needed to be nerfed. It’s possible that the Batman event could offer the dark cape for players to wear and swoosh around the map, but for now we’ll wait until the livestream begins on Batman Day at 1.00pm BST.
Fortnite is out now for iOS, Android, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The livestream link is below.


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