Sports Interactive has released a new video that shows off Football Manager 2018’s overhauled Scouting system, which has been designed to replicate the data analysis and awareness techniques used by real football clubs to find the next Lionel Messi, or even to avoid the next Francis Jeffers.

Scouts now rate players out of 100, and this will change as the scout learns more about a player, making the system more accurate and up to date than FM’s star rating system. You’ll be able to adjust your budget according to the level of scouting you require at any given time, but this will also affect your transfer and wage budget so be sure to balance your funds.

I think the best bit about all of the scouting overhaul is that it now centralises all the relevant information in the Scouting Centre. Here you can adjust budgets, read analyst reports on players, and even indulge in background research on your opponents. It’s all very stat heavy, but it’s also a great way to find out when you should get rid of a certain player, and ensure a new signing will fit within your side's dynamic. Then you look around the room, wondering  why your tea has gone cold, and your significant other has packed their bags and left. Yep, that’s Football Manager for you. 

Football Manager 2018 is coming to the PC on November 10.

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