Sports Interactive's genre leading football management simulation is back for another season, and will be packed to the brim with more than 100 new features. Taking on board comments from fans there have been some major changes. Specifically to the Xbox 360 version is an all-new user interface which is said to be better suited to joypad control. The PSP edition, strangely going by the same name as the current edition (although we assume it will carry a 2007 suffix), will feature more playable leagues and, for the first time, network play allowing you to compete against your mates.

"We are constantly striving for perfection and are on track to deliver our most authentic football experience yet", commented Miles Jacobson, Studio Director of Sports Interactive. "There will be a new, easy to use default skin, as well as improved hints and tips throughout the game. More in-depth feedback from your assistant manager and coaches, plus interaction with any player worldwide makes this an un-missable and very user friendly experience, and our best football game by a country mile."

One major addition to the PC, Mac, and Xbox 360 versions is feeder clubs, meaning you can choose a smaller club to which your younger or fringe players can be loaned out to. If you're managing the smaller club, you'll get first dibs on loan deals and friendly fixtures from the bigger club. The Youth system has also been revamped, giving each team with a youth setup a full youth squad, making for a much improved regeneration of players in the long-term game. Scouting will also seen changes, giving managers access to more information, with scouts now improving their abilities and knowledge-base over time.

Player interaction has also been stepped up, with the ability to talk to any player in the world via the media. Become part of a tapping-up enquiry as you put star players under pressure to see if they'll crumble. More varied team talks will also be possible, now with the addition of pre-match talks to send your team on to the field in the right state of mind.

All versions of the game are scheduled for release this Christmas, and expect more information in the coming months.