Last week SEGA announced that Football Manager 2007 was to arrive in PC and Mac form on October 20, and now you can try out the game by way of a demo several weeks prior to release.

The demo comes in two versions, and which one you download will depend on how big a file you want to download. The Vanilla version (45MB for Mac, and just under 80MB for PC) is English language only in includes only the English league, with no kits, player photos, sound, graphics etc.

Then there's the Strawberry version which is 248.67MB for Mac, and 260.43MB for PC. This includes playable leagues from Brazil, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Spain & Sweden, and Danish, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norweigan, Portuguese & Swedish languages, with all relevant kits, player photos and graphics.

You can find a list of download mirrors and such over on SI's website.