Flappy Bird: New Season, which claims to be a new game from the original game's creator Dong Nguyen, has shot to the top of the UK's free iPhone chart, but everything is not what it seems.

The Guardian has clocked that the App Store listing is credited to developer Animated Emoji, but also carries a "© dotGears" credit - which is the trading name of Nguyen.

The game was also not released from the same App Store developer account through which Nguyen offered the original Flappy Bird and still provides Shuriken Block and Super Ball Juggling.

A fake Twitter account claiming to be Nguyen is also promoting the game.

Searching for the game on the Google Play store brings up Flappy Bird 2K14 New! from developer Gameslogic Mobile, who has produced other fake sequels Clumsy Ninja Go! 2 and Farm Hero Saga 2 3D.

It's believed Flappy Bird: New Season shot to the top of the chart because of its prominent position in search results for Flappy Bird.

Source: The Guardian