Square Enix has revealed in a new job listing for Final Fantasy VII Remake that it's aiming to 'surpass the original' version of the seminal 1997 role-playing game. Yes, they're still hiring for the game nearly three years after it was first revealed at E3 2015.

The ad in question calls for a Battle Planner and Level Planner (translated by Gematsu), and makes it clear that the project will be a 'new creation not limited to a simple remake.' Square Enix also pointed out again that it is developing the title internally, so it seems CyberConnect2 are no longer involved. 

Square Enix had previously revealed that Final Fantasy VII Remake was reaching 'satisfactory' levels of recreating the original game's visuals using modern technology. All this really does is pretty much reaffirm the belief that the game is still nowhere near complete, and chances are we probably won't see the first part out until around 2020. Oh well, at least we have Kingdom Hearts 3 to keep us busy until then.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is in development for the PlayStation 4 and will be told in multiple parts. We're also promised new areas that were not seen in the original PlayStation game, and it appears Cloud has also undergone something of a redesign.


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