EA has announced the autumn 2008 release of FIFA Manager 09, the latest in the officially licensed football management series for PC. The game will offer players the chance to take full managerial control of their chosen club, be that an all-new club, the national team or a club from the Premier League.

FIFA Manager 09 will feature licensed league, club and player data from 33 countries, combining to feature over 1,500 clubs and over 25,000 players.

3D matches return, offering a full 3D representation of each match and there's the promise of improvements to the graphics, sound and AI over that seen in previous FIFA Manager titles. EA has also revealed a fully customisable user interface in 3D mode that will provide players will direct access to substitutions, tactical changes and statistics. If 3D isn't for you then a completely revamped text mode will now offer a mix of traditional live commentary and an Internet live ticker.

Other new features in FIFA Manager 09 include the introduction of a youth transfer market and a match prediction tool, which enables players to enter real-world data and have the game predict the outcome of a match.

There's no firm release date set, but EA has confirmed FIFA Manager 09 will be available in the autumn.