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FIFA 20 Ultimate Team mode adds seasons, friendlies and new House Rules

FIFA’s most popular mode, Ultimate Team, will receive lots of new features in the next game, FIFA 20 (via IGN). 

Firstly, there are FUT Seasons, which are not connected to the existing Seasons mode. These Seasons will be between six and eight real-world weeks long, and completing Season Objectives will earn players experience points that chip away at big-time rewards over the course of the period. Objectives are timed, and range from simple to more invested challenges; the latter are called Milestones. 

Milestones gift players with new customisation options that won’t be accessed or tradeable through the normal packs. These include tifos, stadium themes, custom balls and fictional badges. Even a giant dabbing unicorn tifo, which is super duper, because I now have the opportunity and privilege to say that a giant dabbing unicorn got into FUT 20 and women players didn’t.

Next, FUT Friendlies are a chill alternative to the Weekend League or Squad Battles. Though the rewards are modest in comparison to the big leagues, players’ records won’t be affected by losses or gains against AI or in multiplayer casual matches. 

FUT Friendlies also uses House Rules from FIFA 19, but new modes will be on offer. These are Max Chem, Swaps, King of the Hill and Mystery Ball. Max Chem is self-explanatory: it gives every player maximum chemistry in the squad. Swaps will trade three random players from your team with three players of the opposing team. 

King of the Hill places a virtual box on the pitch, and if players keep the ball in that box they will build up a goal meter. If the player scores in that same attack, the goal meter value will be added to that, i.e. fill the goal meter to two, score a goal and three points will be awarded. Mystery Ball will add a new match condition with each new ball that comes into play, like speeding players’ up or doubling the next goal scored. 

The first two modes mentioned will be available only in Ultimate Team, and the final two are coming to Kick Off as well as FUT. Finally, new Icon cards are on the cards. At present, Carlos Alberto, Didier Drogba, Ronald Koeman Andrea Pirlo and Ian Wright have been revealed, and I am certain the Skilly Williams announcement is right around the corner. 

FIFA 20 comes to Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC on September 27.


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