FIFA 14 is being removed from EA Access later this year

FIFA 14 is being removed from EA Access later this year
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EA has announced that FIFA 14 will be removed from the EA Access Vault on October 18. The publisher had recently announced its intentions to close the servers for the game on October 18, and now it seems that, along with the server shut down, the game is also heading toward digital obsolescence. Sorry, I meant ‘the sunset’.

In a statement on its website, EA said, ‘Members can continue to download and enjoy FIFA 14 until then, and those who keep the game on their console hard drive will be able to play it offline after that date’. The publisher expressed genuine remorse over this move, ‘We’re sad to see any title leave the collection, and rest assured that we’ll do our best to limit removals in the future. For now, we hope you’ll enjoy the other great games in our service – like all the latest FIFA titles – and we look forward to seeing you on the pitch’. As long as it’s a football game released within the last three years. I miss FIFA 98: Road to the World Cup.

To be fair to FIFA 14, though, I doubt it’s been getting much playtime lately, with fans generally moving on to each annualised release.

Obviously the most recent iteration of the popular football series, FIFA 17, is in the EA Access Vault, but you need a paid subscription to EA Access or Origin Access. Membership grants access to pre-release trials of some games, a 10% discount on EA digital purchases such as FIFA 18, as well as full-game downloads from the The Vault. It costs £3.99 per month, or £19.99 for the year.