Taking the role of a field commander, you will work for an independent organisation established by the Allied Nations to defend the world against an evil terrorist organisation.

"Field Commander gives players the power to outwit the enemy at every turn because it focuses on what is important - strategy," said Clint Worley, Field Commander Producer. "You can delve into the game's engrossing story while combating enemies alone, or utilize the impressive array of multi-player options and enjoy defeating your enemies from across the globe, country or office."

The game will feature 15 army divisions and 11 commanding officers to choose from, with players able command on land, sea or in the sky. Each of the 30 missions is presented in full 3D with highly detailed terrain and "dynamic visual effects." If multiplayer is more your thing then Field Commander might be for you as the game will allow you to battle against players from all over the globe (so we assume the game has full online support and not just local wireless play). There'll also be a mission creation tool allowing you to create and share your missions with friends.

Filed Commander is scheduled for release in February 2006.