Koei has shown some early support for the Xbox 360, bringing ports of Samurai Warriors 2 and Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires to the system, but these were little more than high resolution versions of current-gen games.

The PS3 looked to be getting a better deal though. It was announced that Fatal Inertia, a high octane, futuristic racer, and Bladestorm, a tactical action game from Koei's internal Omega Force studio, were both on their way to Sony's next-gen console.

However, today Koei has revealed that both titles are also coming to the Xbox 360. In fact, here in Europe the games will launch in March for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Fatal Inertia in particular looks to be one of the more promising third-party titles headed to the PlayStation 3, so it's good news for Xbox 360 owners that the game will also be available to them.