Bethesda has confirmed that post-apocalyptic behemoth Fallout 4 will be free to play this week on PC. The critically acclaimed RPG will be up for grabs on February 1 until February 4, and comes with a range of discounts to boot. 

Those of you who are impressed with the teaser enough to snap up the full version of Fallout 4 can do so at 33 percent off the usual asking price. If that wasn't tempting enough, Bethesda's also slashed the price of the Game of the Year Edition by 40 percent, as well as lopping 50 percent off the game's Season Pass. 

If on the other hand you like be a little more selective then you can grab Fallout 4's various expansions -- Automatron, Contraptions Workshop, Far Harbour, Nuka-World, Vault-Tech Workshop, and Wasteland Workshop -- for 40 percent off the regular cost.

Fallout 4 was released on PS4, PC, and Xbox One back in November 2015, and we thought it was a fantastic jaunt through the American wasteland; that is, assuming you wanted more of the same thing.

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