Iron Galaxy's Ogre-slaying adventurer Extinction has received a new trailer for your viewing pleasure, which amusingly contains a big fat notice at the start confirming the game does not feature microtransactions. 

The meat of the trailer however deals with the various key areas of Extinction, with Iron Galaxy tapping into its experience with scrappers to create a skill-based combat system for the game. The Rune Strike is a key component in protagonist Avil's arsenal, allowing players to slice up enemies and can be further enhanced by saving folk and ripping apart Ravenii armour.

Dispatching the Ravenii has a touch of Shadow of the Colossus about it, with Avil having to scale the giant beasts and target their weak points to bring them down, all the while avoiding attacks and obstacles in his path.

Extinction is due for release on PS4, PC, and Xbox One on April 10.

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