It would appear us European gamers are being rewarded with exclusive new content for Wipeout Pure as a way of thanking us for waiting so long for the PSP. Available as of yesterday was Gamma pack, which included several new tracks, craft and skins.

On September 16th we will be able to download the Delta pack in association with Puma, which will include special turbo Puma craft, Puma tracks and Puma skins. Classic packs 1 and 2 will be released on the 3rd and 16th of October, and will include four new tracks and skins, and two new ships.

Finally we have the Omega pack, which is exclusive to Europe. No details of what is included in the pack, or when it will be released have been revealed, but anything exclusive to European gamers is worth getting excited about. In total, the downloadable content will double the size of Wipeout Pure, making an already great game even more essential.

Read our Wipeout Pure review for more information on the game, or head over to the official Wipeout Pure website for more information on downloadable content for the game.