EA has explained why there are currently no plans to release a PS3 version of hotly anticipated PC and Xbox 360 RTS Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, saying Sony's console is "very exotic and tough to develop for".

Red Alert 3, the first Red Alert game in seven years, had been slated for a PC, 360 and PS3 release when it was first announced. However publisher EA put the PS3 version on hold with no explanation - until now.

When VideoGamer.com visited EA's UK HQ for some hands-on with the title, EALA producer Amer Ajami told us that when development began the developer found that its game engine wasn't suited to the PS3.

He said: "We actually announced a PS3 version early on but that was when we were still doing a lot of technical exploration of the architecture. PS3 is a very powerful system but as you guys know it's very exotic and tough to develop for and our engine really at the time wasn't designed for PS3."

However, there is still hope for PS3-owning Red Alert fans. Ajami told us that EALA "might go back and do something with the PS3 later on".

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