A group of developers previously at FreeStyleGames (DJ Hero), have moved on from the Activision studio to form Music in Colour; an iOS developer partnered with Sony Music Entertainment.

Lead by the former FreeStyleGames boss Chris Lee, the new studio will focus on rhythm action games for iOS devices.

Music In Colour's first game, titled 'Say What?!', uses the familiar Guitar Hero template, but tasks players with tapping the correct lyric as it passes over the screen. The game will throw phoney lyrics in to trick you, however, so it becomes a case of working out what's the real deal, and what's not.

"There will be puns left, right and centre that take you a good five seconds to crack what the icon is representing," explained Yuli Levtov, the game's designer.

Say What?! will take advantage of the popular freemium model, with four tracks included at no cost: one from a big Sony Music artist, and three from up-and-coming acts signed to Music In Colour. Additional Sony tracks will then be sold via in-app payments for £1.19 per song.

Like many UK studios, FreeStyle was nearly the subject of closure back in May, but Activision saved the DJ Hero developer, deciding to downsize the outfit instead.

"The music business needs to capture a new audience," Lee told the Guardian.

"Rather than make a game then license the music, this is much more of a partnership. We think there is a great opportunity to leverage the mobile platform to build something that reaches a wider audience, and monetises music," he said.