Driveclub is now in the final stage of development, meaning game director Paul Rustchynsky and his team at Evolution are now able to look ahead tu what's next for the game.

"We're at the point now obviously in the last stage of development where we're fixing bugs and waiting for launch - so now we're at the phase where we're thinking about what we can bring next to the game," Rustchynsky told Eurogamer at E3 last week.

One game update known to be on the way is dynamic weather, which as you can see elsewhere on VideoGamer, brings all kinds of fancy rain effects. Exactly what else Rustchynsky has planned remains to be seen.

"We talked about Driveclub not just being a game that we put out and then it's done. We wanted to support it for a while, and to have a community that's active and alive, that there's always something new and fresh for them to do," he said.

Driveclub launches for PS4 on October 10.

Source: Eurogamer