Fornite's free-to-play Battle Royale mode is proving very popular, with a recent report saying that the game boasted more players than rival PUBG in October. Epic Games has no plans on resting on this success, outlining what's next up for development in an update posted on the game's website.

The blog post mentions that one of the major changes they plan to make is to add more POIs or Points of Interest to the map, filling out some of the empty space with features such as a new city and updating the existing areas in the mountain and swamp regions with new artwork, giving more variety between locales.

Fornite Battle Royale new city

Inventories are to also receive a huge reworking, with a cleaner interface that'll make tasks easier to perform by allowing you to drag to the outside of the inventory box to drop items, as well as quick buttons for splitting or dropping half of your loot. In addition to this, rearranging the quickbar with the controller will also be simpler.

More detailed post match stats are promised alongside better player reporting functionality to deal with team killers, and better social features to allow players to more easily find and play with their friends too. Epic is also promising lots more cosmetic additions including full remodels of gliders, pickaxes and characters.

On the technical side, Epic plans a bunch of audio fixes and an improvement to the streaming tech used to make loading smoother; the game currently does this already with textures, but the devs think they can do more with this, freeing up memory to add more stuff to the game, but of course, wanting to make sure that it won't effect rocket riding.

Finally and most immediately for December, Fortnite will be getting some Limited Time Modes added – they're described as 'temporary experience with special conditions that provide new ways to play and allow us to run fun experiments' so we expect them to run very similar to the recent Fortnitemares event.

It's quite a comprehensive set of plans, you can read the full post here.

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