Konami has today announced the return of Eledees. Following a successful debut on Wii, the cute energy creatures are returning in a direct sequel only this time for the Nintendo DS.

Eledees are creatures who have the ability to supply electricity when gathered together. This unique characteristic makes them the perfect source of energy.

In the DS sequel, Eledees: The Adventures of Kai and Zero, the titular heroes find themselves transported into a mystical realm by a magical bus created by Kai's inventor father. The pair will need to use all their skills to gather the Eledees in order to assist in their progression.

New to the DS game will be Omega Eledees who boast a wider range of abilities and act as side-kicks who accompany Kai through the game's stages. Omega Eledees will feature abilities including locating hidden areas, freezing water, and illuminating dark areas.

The game will also feature multiplayer elements, supporting Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, enabling players to compete head-to-head or in four-player battles.

Eledees: The Adventures of Kai and Zero is scheduled for release on Nintendo DS this winter.