Eidos has made more of its back catalogue available on Steam, with a bunch of classics from the past joining some of the publisher's more recent PC releases.

New to the service are Tomb Raider: Legend, Rogue Trooper and Thief: Deadly Shadows, all of which are well worth your time if you've so far given them a wide berth. If you fancy a nostalgia trip then you'll now also find Deus Ex available to download, and for a limited time with a 10% discount.

Tomb Raider: Legend and Rogue Trooper will currently set you back $26.95 a piece, Thief: Deadly Shadows costs $17.95, while Deus Ex is priced $8.95. Also new from Eidos are Project Snowblind and Deus Ex: Invisible War.

The 10% price reduction ends on April 9.