EA is working with 3rd party service providers to remove Battlefield 3 bans placed on innocent players.

"Together with the 3rd party service providers we have taken steps to remove the faulty bans, and improve the protection against future fake bans," EA said in a Battlelog post.

"We have determined that the root cause resulting in the server bans is not directly related to Battlefield 3, but rather related to select 3rd party services which server owners can use in conjunction with PunkBuster to protect their servers.

"If you are able to log in to Battlelog, your account has not been banned by EA or DICE so there is no need to contact Customer Support."

Last week hackers from the forum ArtificialAiming used a PunkBuster exploit to ban over 150 innocent Battlefield 3 players on PC.

The group's beef is with GGC and PBBans, third-party services operating on Battlefield 3 servers which provide a range of anti-cheat tools, including live ban lists.