by on May 5, 2005

EA sales break $3 billion despite poor Q4

Love them or loathe them, you have to admire the way EA has become almost the cornerstone of the videogame business – at least in terms of 3rd-party publishers. So it comes as no surprise that they should continue to make and break their own sales records almost every quarter. Well, except the quarter ending March 31st, that is.

Despite announcing that sales broke through the mind-boggling $3 billion barrier ($3.129 billion, fact fans), the most recent quarter was disappointing, with revenue dropping some 7% over the same period last year (to $553 million). Profits for the year also dropped, to ‘only’ $504 million. Rumours that diamond-studded shoes can no longer be afforded by EA’s top execs are yet to be proven, however.

The global barometer of a company’s health – the stock market – reacted to the news adversely, with EA’s shares dropping in after-market trading by around 8%. Still, despite various analysts’ lamenting some poor titles and dodgy release-scheduling, they all pretty much to a man continue to recommend them as the shares to own.

So there you have it. EA are still rich.


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