The previously "on hold" PS3 version of RTS Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 is back on, with EA promising to do "some really cool things" that make the most of the 1080p resolution and extra space Blu-Ray and PS3 provides.

Red Alert 3, the first Red Alert game in seven years, is out now for PC with a 360 version due on November 14. Although the game was originally announced for PS3 as well, EA confirmed that version was "on hold" back in June, with EA Los Angeles producer Amer Ajami later telling us that Sony's console is "very exotic and tough to develop for".

However, producer and C&C TV presenter David Silverman confirmed to that development on the PS3 version of Red Alert 3 is back on and there's "definitely people working" on it.

He said: "When we announced Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 we announced there was a PS3 version, then we decided to go on the record and say that we've suspended it to make sure that RA3 was able to come out to the level of quality that it must adhere to to be called a C&C game. We've hit that mark, we've shipped the game. And you know what that means? That means there's another version left to be had. So there's definitely people working on a PS3 version and we'll be talking more about that later."

While Silverman wouldn't commit to a release date, he did say that PS3 owners will be "very pleased" if they bide their time.

"If you're a PS3 owner and you don't own a PC and you don't have an Xbox 360 you don't have to write on your Christmas or Hanukkah list that you want to have an Xbox," he said. "You can play Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, bide your time and you'll be very pleased. We're looking at doing some really cool things with the PS3 version. Since it is shipping later we're putting in a lot of cool content and really taking advantage of both the 1080p nature and the high-defness of Blu-Ray and also the fact that it can hold just so much more space."

Unfortunately Silverman wouldn't go into any more detail, saying: "I already gave you too much."

What "cool things" do you expect to see in the PS3 version of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3? Let us know in the comments section below.