EA has announced the autumn 2008 release of FIFA 09 for PC, which, after several seasons in which it appeared to be little more than a higher res PS2 game, has been given an overhaul.

"We are committed to investing and innovating to create a PC specific experience," said producer Paul Hossack. "Gamers want a gameplay experience exclusively for PC and FIFA 09 on PC delivers this."

FIFA 09 on PC will feature "leading-edge visuals" that "exploit the power of hi-spec gaming PCs". Star players will be recreated in the game with photorealistic quality and the game will sport ultra-realistic gameplay.

The game will also feature customisable mouse gameplay controls, which promise deeper, more intuitive command over the squad. Customisable widgets will also be integrated into the menu system to connect players to the FIFA community and real-world football so players can stay connected while playing FIFA 09.