The next entry in the Battlefield franchise is currently in development, but EA isn't ready to discuss if the IP will be annualised.

During EA's overnight Q2 investor call, the publisher was asked "would you ever consider making Battlefield as your annual franchise?" To which EA Labels president Frank Gibeau responded:

"We're committed to - we're focused on building the next Battlefield experience right now, and our goal is to make a high-quality experience that grows the business. If we do that on an annual basis, that's not something that we've announced or are openly discussing at this point. We're really just focused on the next Battlefield."

Battlefield 3 launched October 2011, with Battlefield 4 expected to arrive around the same time in 2013.

Annualising the Battlefield franchise may be EA's only way of becoming the number one publisher of first-person shooters now that the Medal of Honor franchise has been dealt a serious blow with the launch of Warfighter.

Via Seeking Alpha