Xtreme Legends will feature all that fans loved about Dynasty Warriors 5 and add a host of new game modes to the mix. It includes five different play modes, 18 new, new rare items and power ups, a novice difficulty setting, and two-player co-op play in Xtreme mode. The game promises to offer an all new experience to Dynasty Warriors 5 players by adding new Xtreme Legends features to Dynasty Warriors 5's Musou Mode and Free Mode.

Destiny Mode: A first for the series where your ultimate goal is to become the commander of an entire army. You must rise through the ranks as you develop your fighting, strategy and leadership abilities.

Xtreme Mode: Xtreme mode challenged the player to complete as many missions as possible. With your character unable to recover energy at the end of each stage it is up to you to heal yourself. This mode also features two-player co-op play.

Legend Mode: 18 all new maps with historical and fictional scenarios and as you clear each scenario you will learn more about the relationship between the characters.

Edit Mode: Custom character creation where you can adjust everything from face, hair, clothing, and headwear. Even change your characters height and weight. Your custom character can be used in Free Mode and Xtreme modes.

Challenge Mode: Two additional Challenge courses, plus the four original courses from Dynasty Warriors 5. Gatekeeper requires you to defend a gateway against waves of enemies, and Speed Strike requires you to demolish everything in your patch in a given time limit.

Dynasty Warriors 5 Xtreme Legends is due out on February 10th 2006 for PlayStation 2.