In a surprise reveal today, Techland has announced its intention to bring a new standalone multiplayer PVP expansion set in the world of its 2015 open world zombie game Dying Light.

Entitled Bad Blood, the expansion looks to be the latest to get on board the battle royale train. Making specific mention of the genre in its press release, it promises 'violent and dynamic online matches that blend PvP and PvE styles of gameplay.'

More specifically, six players will be dropped into a zombie infested city, and tasked with scavenging their own supplies and weapons and collecting blood samples from the undead. Rather than just survive as long as possible like with most similar games, players must make their way to an extraction point where a helicopter will show up to rescue them. The more samples the players obtain collectively, the more seats unlock on the rescue chopper. 

However, to actually get on these empty seats players have to pay a toll of a certain number of these samples, which can lead to alliances being broken and betrayed as players might need to kill who they've been working with to steal enough samples from them to ensure their own survival. It very much puts us in the mind of the classic Fragile Alliance multiplayer mode from the Kane & Lynch series.

Dying Light Bad Blood will have a global playtest on PC, which will be absolutely free but with limited places, and Techland is inviting interested parties to sign up now via its website. There's no specific release date for the expansion outside of a '2018' date, but expect more info in the oncoming months.

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