Speaking on the 1UP Yours podcast Silicon Knights president Denis Dyack has explained his recent comments on the popular NeoGaf forums in which he called out members of the forum who he felt had been unfairly criticising his new game, Too Human.

"I was basically calling out people who had no way of assessing the game," Dyack said. "All I wanted to point out to people is that this is so ridiculous."

Dyack later explained in more detail why he did what he did.

"I went through all of this for two reasons.... If you're going to look at the NeoGAF forum as a non-profit organization, if it does not reform itself, it's eventually going to crumble," said Dyack. "There's going to be a point where they step over the line where someone's going to shut them down. That would be a loss for everyone.... The question I have to ask the moderators of GAF: Are you going to follow your own rules? With people making GIFs of myself that are, I would say, attacking me.... Why haven't 180 people been banned now? If I wanted to move in and shut that place down, do I have grounds under their own forum policy?"

It's a situation Dyack feels will in the long term have damaging effects on the video game industry.

"NeoGAF and other forums like this that don't have good management are not only hurting society and hurting the videogame industry, they're in decline, and they need to reform quickly before people stop listening to them.... If the moderators and people who run the site think they aren't doing any damage, they are sorely mistaken, and it's only a matter of time before something bad happens," he concluded.

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