CCP's upcoming MMOFPS DUST 514 may in fact be coming to PC despite initial announcements that the EVE Online tie-in would be a PS3 exclusive.

Speaking to Massively at GDC 2012, the firm's Hilmar Petursson hinted that the mouse and keyboard support for the PS3 version suggested the MMO would see a future on PC as well.

"I wonder why we did that," he stated.

Despite earlier statements that users would be able to use ISK earned within the DUST 514 world in EVE Online, Petursson explained this would not be the case, however interaction between both MMOs will happen in some form as the game grows.

He added that the notion of being able to spectate DUST 514 matches from within the EVE Online world is "a really intriguing idea".

DUST 514 is slated to hit this summer, and will be free-to-play.


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