A Nintendo DS press conference being held tonight in Seattle has had all of its details leaked before the event has even taken place, spoiling any surprises for those waiting on announcements.

One piece of news is that Shigeru Miyamoto will make an appearance at some point soon to reveal a new Legend of Zelda: Four Swords title for the upcoming handheld. Along with the new Zelda title, Pokemon Diamond will be revealed and Pokemon Dash - a Japanese launch title - will be demonstrated. As well as these three, there are expected to be demonstrations of Super Mario 64 DS, Nintendogs and Feel the Magic:XY-XX.

One more interesting prospect raised by the leak is something that Nintendo are calling "Game Sharing", a system whereby multiplayer games can be played over the DS' wireless network using only one game cartridge. This is achieved by one player downloading the game off another via the network - a feature that is sure to prove very useful for the more cash-strapped among players.

Along with the above, announcements will be made concerning the ability to download time-restriced demo versions of games from retailers - again via the wireless network - and bonus materials being sent directly to the handheld if certain stipulations are met; in this case the announcement deals with bonus Pokemon material being awarded if a player has a Gameboy Advance Pokemon title in their machine.

These announcements have excited the Pro-G staff to levels never thought possible before, with Nintendo once again showing the innovation that it is hailed for. More concrete details (and possibly a feature) when they arise.

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