DriveClub's 11 month delay has allowed Evolution to improve the game's graphics and include even more cars and tracks on the disc than previously planned, surpassing their initial expectations for the game.

"The delay has meant many things to us," game director Paul Rustchynsky said, speaking in a new video interview with IGN. "Some areas of course we've talked about the Dynamic Menu and how we needed to make that the perfect social hub for the game. But the delay has also meant that we can actually spend more time.

"We've added more tracks, we've added more cars than originally were meant to be on the disc, and we've been able to polish some areas as well. So the cars, for example, we've been able to add a few more extra details on there.

"Visuals, rendering techniques, we've been able to improve a few things so visually it's going to move another step on. We've been able to add more objects, more density to the tracks as well so each of them feel more alive than they previously would have done. So it's just allowed all the rest of the team who weren't focussing on the Dynamic Menu to really polish up the other areas.

"It was very good before but I think we've been able to exceed our expectations with this delay."

DriveClub was originally due to launch alongside PlayStation 4 last November but suffered a major delay pushing it back to October 2014.

The full game will ship with 55 tracks split across 5 locations and 50 cars, including a range of hot hatches and supercars. A portion of the game will also be available for free to PlayStation Plus users.

DriveClub launches exclusively on PS4 on October 10.