Muffin Games, a two-man studio formed of former Bizarre Creations members Mark Craig and Jeff Lewis, has released Fur Fighters for iPad.

Remembered as a Dreamcast classic, the new iPad version is actually based on the improved PC code base.

Fur Fighters features an elite squad of six animal commandos on a mission to rescue their families and save the world.

The malevolent fat-cat General Viggo has kidnapped the Fur Fighters' families and mutated them for his own fiendish ends. Now it's up to you, playing as all six animal liberators, to knock the fluff out of Viggo's army of bears, save your babies and rescue the planet from the claws of evil.

The game boasts over 30 levels and 20 weapons.

Thankfully, despite the closure of Bizarre, Muffin Games is able to continue with the Fur Fighters IP thanks to buying the rights back in 2007 for just £5.

"Bizarre Creations was cleaning house and tidying up its business dealings," explained Lewis to Eurogamer. "By that point it was pretty clear there wasn't going to be a sequel to Fur Fighters. The MD, Martyn Chudley, knew it was going to go into the ether if anything didn't happen with it. As I had done the character design and came up with a lot of the world, he very generously, just as a gesture, gave me the rights. He couldn't give it to me. He had to sell it to me for a pound. I gave him a fiver because I was very pleased.

"He really just meant it as a nice thing, rather than seeing it disappear forever. I don't think either one of us had any expectation things would change in the way they have since 2007, and an opportunity to port the game to a mass market device would come along again."

Fur Fighters is currently available at the introductory price of £1.49.