SouthPeak Games has announced Dream Pinball 3D will be released for Nintendo DS and Wii in April. We're told it will offer a "cutting-edge" pinball simulation, utilising available technology to "elevate pinball simulations to the next level".

The game will feature six distinct tables, sporting a variety of themes, multiple areas, secrets, a range of special effects and three-way multiball. The game also promises "visuals that easily surpass previous pinball titles".

What looks to set this apart from previous pinball titles is the range of materials from which the balls can be constructed. These include marble, oak, ivory and gold, each offering unique ballistic properties.

Dream Pinball 3D will also offer support for four-player multiplayer where the winner is the player who scores the most points.

Look out for Dream Pinball 3D late in April for both Nintendo DS and Wii.