Hit retro arcade game Dragon's Lair has been confirmed for release on Xbox LIVE Arcade published by Microsoft Studios, Digital Leisure Inc has announced.

The new version claims to be the first Xbox LIVE Arcade game to support both Kinect and the Xbox 360 controller. With Kinect you can wield the sword of Dirk the Daring, grapple ropes and avoid all of the obstacles the enchanted castle throws your way.

You'll also get leaderboards and Achievements, plus all-new features to be revealed in the coming weeks.

XBLA will be the 66th platform Dragon's Lair will appear on since its original arcade release in 1983.

We initially thought the claim to be the first XBLA to offer both Kinect and regular controller support was bogus, believing Burnout Crash! to have beat it to the punch, but Criterion's title forced Kinect-only controls in multiplayer and didn't offer the option of a controller.