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Dragon Age 4 reportedly focusing on single player and cancels planned live service & multiplayer elements

Dragon Age 4
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EA has apparently allowed Bioware to focus on making the next as-yet-untitled Dragon Age game a singleplayer RPG and remove all live-service and multiplayer features from the project, according to reports.

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As per sources cited by Bloomberg's report, the upcoming game was apparently set to feature a "heavy multiplayer component", but the recent performance of other EA titles caused its leadership to think differently; with specific examples of Anthem's recent struggles that eventually resulted in a planned reboot being cancelled, and on the other side of the coin the huge success of single player-focused adventure Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order given as reasons for the change of heart from management.

We still haven't seen an awful amount from the next Dragon Age; though we did get a teaser trailer back during the Game Awards back in December. It's also been an eventful few months at developer Bioware, with the series' former executive producer Mark Darrah departing along with Mass Effect veteran Casey Hudson just before said trailer was revealed.

Whether this new development will set back the release of the in-development Dragon Age 4 is, at the time of writing, unknown. In the meantime, the next project from the studio is of course Mass Effect: Legendary Edition which will launch on May 14.