Brutal Legend developer Double Fine Productions is working on "secret stuff", head honcho Tim Schafer has revealed.

Speaking in an interview with, the legendary Monkey Island developer said that different teams within Double Fine "are starting to formulate what they'll be working on next".

With Brutal Legend, the heavy metal inspired action adventure starring Jack Black, out on 360 and PS3 on October 16, it's no surprise to discover Double Fine has already begun planning its next release.

When asked what the team were doing right now, Schafer replied: "Well, some of them are relaxing. Some of them are working on... secret stuff.

"A lot of them are playing the game, you know? We're doing some tests in multiplayer, you know, testing and thinking about ideas for a new game."

He added that Double Fine is "always thinking" about its next game.

"Yeah all the time," he said.

"We're always thinking about it. But now different teams are starting to formulate what they'll be working on next."

Those crossing their fingers for a sequel to Psychonauts, Double Fine's critically acclaimed but commercially unsuccessful adventure, may be disappointed.

Schafer said that while he would "love" to make Psychonauts 2, gamers and the industry as a whole are better off with brand new games.

"I would love to make another Psychonauts game. If you have a few million dollars on you, I will make one for you," he said.

"I would have liked to have made a sequel to Full Throttle or Grim Fandango or Day of the Tentacle, but then we had this other idea for something else we wanted to make, you know a new game.

"You always have some other new game you want to make and that's always more fun. People ask for sequels but deep down, I think what's better for them is to give them something new.

"If we had made another Day of the Tentacle game I would never had made Full Throttle, and if I had Full Throttle 2 I never would have made Grim Fandango.

"People, when they like something, if you've done it right they should always ask for a sequel because they liked it and they want more, and that's correct. But that doesn't mean you necessarily should give it to them. I think what they would like more and what the industry would thrive on more is a new idea."

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