Valve boss Gabe Newell has revealed that action RTS Dota 2, revealed publicly for the first time this week at gamescom, probably won't ship until 2012. The game had been penned in for release towards the end of this year.

Two beta phases will take place this year, starting after gamescom, "And then we'll probably start worrying about how we'll monetise it," Newell told Eurogamer.

"We'll just go into progressively wider and wider distribution. I don't think it'll be shipped until next year."

"But then," Newell added, "with a game like this, you just keep shipping. You add new heroes. You try out new game modes. You are constantly tweaking item and hero balance. It's very much an ongoing thing."

Newel has also revealed that he's played Dota 2 for 800 hors.