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Doom designer John Romero’s new game to be announced today

Colm Ahern Updated on by

John Romero, the designer on the original Doom, is set to announce his brand new game today, and is hinting at something related to the FPS juggernaut. 

PC Gamer reported on an email sent to fans with the message 'Prepare for 5,' and a reminder that December 10 is the 25th anniversary of id Software's demon-slaying first-person shooter. It also mentions that Romero Games will be taking pre-orders for its new game, starting today.

'If you have been following John Romero's Instagram @theromero you would have seen the hints. What looked like a countdown to Doom's birthday became suddenly mysterious.' 

Ooooohhh. Aaaahhhhh.

Romero has been working on a new FPS since around 2014, so this could very well be what's being teased here. Let's see, eh?