Pinnacle Software has today announced the June 2008 release of Doodle Hex, a Nintendo DS title featuring head-to-head battles in which players draw runes onto the DS touch screen.

Players, or Doodlers as they're called in Doodle Hex, are enrolled into the College of Runes and must learn the intricacies of rune-casting and their use within elemental magic.

The college is also home to Kalamazoo, a ghost who organises battles between the students as a way to test their rune knowledge and casting skills.

In single-player mode there are over 250 challenges which become progressively more difficult and there's also wireless multiplayer where two players can battle using any of the game's 14 characters.

The action also promises to be fast-paced, with players able to send as many runes as they are able to draw during the course of a battle.

Doodle Hex is scheduled for release for Nintendo DS in June.