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Donkey Kong Country 3 leads December additions to Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo has announced four classic SNES games and one NES game to be added to the Nintendo Switch Online app for the month of December, including completing the existing Donkey Kong Country trilogy available on the service thanks to the third game in the venerable series.

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble, to give it its full title, sees you take on the role of Dixie Kong, who teams up with Kiddy Kong to search for the missing Donkey and Diddy across more than 40 levels of co-op platforming action.

Firefighting game The Ignition Factor is next on the list alongside 2D side-scrolling hack and slash platformer Super Valis IV from 1992. Beat 'em up Tuff E Nuff rounds off your SNES offerings, where you'll face off against a series of enemies that power up your special attacks as you try and take down Jade, the Fighting King. Finally, the NES adventure Nightshade sees you play as the titular vigilante as he attempts to rid Metro City of its criminal element. 

All five games are included as part of your Nintendo Switch Online subscription, and include handy save state and rewind controls over their original releases, and will be added to the ever-growing library of classic retro titles on the service on December 18 exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. Check out a trailer—as well as a handy video detailing some classic cheat codes for three of the games—below. 



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Donkey Kong Country 3

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