The European PlayStation Store has updated, with Capcom's DmC Devil May Cry and indie action title Retro City Rampage taking centre stage.

DmC is priced £49.99 so is more than £10 dearer than you'd pay for the boxed version. For those willing to pay the digital premium, we highly recommend Ninja Theory's take on the cult franchise.

Elsewhere on PS3, the heavily delayed Retro City Rampage is finally available priced £8.99. What makes the purchase even more attractive is support for Cross-Buy - purchase the title on PS3 and you'll get it free on PS Vita - and vice versa. Likewise, Cross-Save support means you'll be able to pick up your game save on either platform.

PS3 DLC includes Borderlands 2's Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt at £6.49 and the free Gran Turismo 5 Corvette Stingray car DLC.

PS Vita is treated to Earth Defense Force 2017, but the £34.99 price tag will put off many potential customers. Vita owning PS Plus members can also get hold of SEGA's Jet Set Radio free of charge.


Source: EU PlayStation Blog