Disney is set to take on Activision's Skylanders series with 'Disney Infinity', a report has claimed.

Disney fansite Stitch Kingdom reports that the game, previously codenamed 'Toy-Box', features similar functionality to Skylanders, allowing players to beam Disney characters and worlds directly into the game via physical 'game tokens'.

The site states that the game will use a "'Disney Infinity' reader", described as "a flat device upon which the game token are physically placed, connected to the device via USB or infrared in the case of the 3DS", to pull new characters into the game.

Two tokens can be placed side-by-side on the reader, the site alleges, to allow for co-op play.

The site states that a Starter Pack, containing the game, the 'Disney Infinity' reader, three character tokens (Sulley, Captain Jack Sparrow, Mr. Incredible), a landmark token (Monsters University) and a coin, will be released at the game's launch, with additional character tokens released over time.

"Additional characters include Mike Wazowski, Randall, Hector Barbossa, Davy Jones, Mrs. Incredible, Syndrome, Dash, Violet, Woody, Jack Skellington, Agent P, Rapunzel, Anna (Frozen), Ice Queen (Frozen), Sorcerer Mickey, Tow Mater and Francesco Bernoulli," the site says, while further themed playsets will be available for specific universes.

"At launch for 'Disney Infinity,' a Radiator Springs playset from Disney/Pixar's Cars will be available complete with Lightning McQueen and Holly Shiftwell," the site alleges. "Future expansion packs will include: The Lone Ranger with the Lone Ranger and Tonto; 'Toy Story in Space' with Jessie and Buzz Lightyear; and 'Phineas and Ferb' with Phineas and Ferb."

A second collectible coin type will also be released, modifying each character's abilities and adding additional items into the world. Stitch Kingdom suggests that the coins will be stackable, and that 60 different coins will be available in total.

The site claims that the game will release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Wii and 3DS.

The concept behind Disney Infinity seems fairly plausible.

Back in September, Disney Interactive CFO Jay Rasulo revealed (via Business Insider) that the firm had "another big title that hasn't been announced yet," due for release "mid-year".

An article on the New York Times website later claimed that Disney Interactive was developing an "unannounced gaming initiative code-named Toy Box".

It doesn't all add up, though. The site speculates that the game could be released before February 2013 - an unlikelihood given the time frame. The site further adds that it has not seen the game "in person", but that information disclosed in its article "comes from a video produced for retailers".

VideoGamer.com has reached out to Disney UK for comment.

Source: Stitch Kingdom