A possible teaser image for Dishonored 2 has appeared online, hinting at the possibility of an E3 2014 reveal.

While it isn't clear where the image originated from, it features the supposed logo for Dishonored 2 along with the hashtag #DarknessOfTyvia and text telling players to "Witness the full reveal at E3 2014".

Logos for Bethesda and the original game's developer Arkane Studios are also featured in the lower left and right hand corners.

While Arkane is known to be working on a new title - believed by many to be a sequel to Dishonored - Bethesda has yet to reveal what it may be.

A sequel to Dishonored is almost guaranteed to happen, though, after the original managed to "far exceed" the publisher's sales expectations. "We clearly have a new franchise," Bethesda said at the time.

E3 2014 kicks off on June 10.

Source: allgamesbeta.com