Disgaea 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed turn-based RPG from Nippon Ichi, and fans of the first title will be pleased to hear that the sequel retains all the "do anything and try everything" gameplay.

The developers have listened to the feedback from fans of Disgaea and used this to incorporate a number of new features. The game's dark sense of humour was one of its most loved aspects and the sequel adds a whole new element, rewarding players for dark devious actions, thanks to the all-new Dark Court system. Players are warned to be careful though, as there are positive and negative results for everything you do in the game.

Apparently one of the most asked for features was a 3D gameplay environment, and this has been addressed in the sequel. Now the game takes place in 3D, albeit simple looking, with animated sprites and impressive looking anime cut scenes. Another new feature is the ability to stack characters on top of one another, enabling their powers to be combined, unleashing special combos and attacks. Speaking of characters, the game will feature many new faces, plus characters from the original game.

Disgaea 2 is coming to PlayStation 2 and is one to look out for in the autumn.