Splash Damage has released the first gameplay trailer for its upcoming free-to-play shooter Dirty Bomb, and revealed a range of bonuses available to players prepared to, ahem, splash a bit of cash.

The Founders Club, available to players happy to put down a minimum of $30, grants priority access to the game's beta, plus a 'Founder's Tag' and one 'Founder's Merc', a limited edition character available exclusively to Founders Club members at launch.

Additional tiers, priced at $60 and $120, offer up bonus items from a 'digital fan kit', including a limited edition digital art book and downloadable soundtrack, and exclusive gun tags.

For a full run-down of tiers and bonuses, head through to Splash Damage's website.

"Players who join the Founders Club will have a voice, help sculpt what the game becomes, and ensure our focus on areas important to them," Splash Damage promises. "With your feedback, you'll help shape movement, weapons and abilities, and ensure the game's smooth feel and high skill ceiling. You'll help test features such as eSports, before launch."

A second club, meanwhile, the Inner Circle, provides "regular and direct access to the powers in control of Dirty Bomb" - but it comes at a price.

For $240 players can purchase the Contributor Pack, featuring "VIP access" to alpha and beta tests, and additional access to "VIP Forums" and a developer IRC channel. You'll also get your name in the credits, a limited edition poster, a Dirty Bomb beanie and a Dirty Bomb t-shirt, and access to all of the digital content included in the Founders Club's top-tier. A bonus digital biography, 'Splash Damage: The First Decade', will be thrown in as well.

Or, if you really want to push the boat out, a $320 VIP Founder Pack includes all of the above plus a limited edition 'Dirty Bomb Founder' Hoodie and game design document signed by the development team.

Or you could just play it for free when it comes out. Up to you. And remember, you could spend a night in GAME's hotel suite for that kind of money.

Dirty Bomb is expected to launch exclusively on PC next year.


Source: secure.warchest.com/dirtybomb/