A patch upgrading hit PC RTS Total War: Shogun 2 to support DirectX 11 will be released in the first week of May, The Creative Assembly community manager Craig Laycock has revealed.

"In the weeks since Total War: Shogun 2's launch, we've been working super-hard to make the Shogun 2 experience as great as we can make it," explained Laycock in a post on the game's forum. As part of our long-term commitment to supporting the game, we've been making issues identified by members of our community our top priority.

"So, we're planning to roll out some fairly substantial fixes in the coming weeks and months. The first stage of this is Patch 2 which, we're thrilled to announce, will also upgrade the engine to DirectX 11."

Shogun 2 players with capable hardware will be able to turn on features such as hardware tessellation and enhanced shadowing. Patch 2 will also bring Anti-Aliasing support.

Laycock also spoke about enhancements to Shogun 2 multiplayer.

"Since Shogun 2's launch, we've been completely blown away by the success of multiplayer. However, the multiplayer issues many of you have identified require our thorough attention, so that's a really big priority as well. You can expect a raft of multiplayer fixes and modifications in Patch 2, and beyond."