DICE veteran Lars Gustavsson has said that he would "love to make" a sequel to futuristic Battlefield title Battlefield 2142, but that the studio currently has no plans to develop one.

"No, it's currently not but I would love to make it," Gustavsson replied, when asked during a live chat whether Battlefield 2143 was 'in the pipeline'.

"I would love to do it," he later added. "When we announced in the studio that we were going to build Battlefield 2142, a lot of people ran over and wanted to apply for that team.

"I guess that the creative freedom that comes with a fictional world is something that's tempting when you have made games around historical and contemporary settings for a longer time."

Battlefield 2142 released on PC back in 2006. Since its release, DICE has chosen to focus its efforts on titles set in the present day or WWII-era.

The developer is currently working on Battlefield 4, again set in the modern day.

As for returning to the Bad Company universe, Gustavsson says that the team will "keep you posted".

"Last we heard from the misfits in Bad Company was a postcard in June from Bahamas where Haggard and the group had opened up a beach bar," he continued. "It's really up to them...will keep you posted... ;)"

Battlefield 4 is due for release during FY2014.